People of All Ages Can Help Alleviate Hunger!

Thaddeus, 12, first experienced how he could change lives through hunger relief a few years ago when he was living in New York. After receiving a flyer in the mail, he excitedly pursued an opportunity to feed 210 of his homeless neighbors on Christmas Day.

Since relocating to Tennessee, he’s become an enthusiastic Second Harvest volunteer. Thaddeus and his parents,Carolyn and Del, packed 2,244 BackPacks at our Get Your Hands Dirty event this past September. They’ve also made financial donations, held food drives and hosted an annual Halloween fundraiser — complete with a haunted maze and barn dance — to support the fight against hunger right here in our community. [read more]

Music exec's son turns found pennies into hope for kids

By Jessica Bliss, The Tennessean

On the streets of New York, where random objects from busy lives are so often scattered about and discarded, Thaddeus Bryant found a treasure-filled wonderland.

As he walked along the pavement, he spotted pennies and nickels and dimes, shiny sidewalk gems strewn throughout the city. He plucked them from their home and put them in his pocket. But only when they faced heads up.

Soon, he had a grand collection. [read more]

Join us for the Read-A-Thon!

Help a kid help kids by pledging a penny or so per page read over the summer. You can sponsor Thaddeus, above, Founder of the Heads Up Penny Foundation to read this summer. Or you can sponsor your favorite child and encourage his or her literacy and love of reading. Or, you can sponsor yourself!  Do you have a book club?  Ask them to pledge Pennies A Page. 

It's simple. Just let us know how much you pledge and who you are sponsoring. We will tally at the end of the summer!  Your contribution is tax deductible and will change children's luck, one penny at a time. 

More info can be found here.

HUPF supports Free the Children at Currey Ingram Academy

Tad's school is supporting Free the Children which provides clean water and medical care for children in Africa. The school's goal was to raise $1000 this year. Tad vowed to donate the difference between what was raised and the goal. Heads Up Penny Foundation donated $433.35.

(Left to Right: Division Head Mary Ragsdale, Thad and Director of Development Ashley Linville)

(Left to Right: Division Head Mary Ragsdale, Thad and Director of Development Ashley Linville)

Gift Wrapping and Food Organizing Party

Thaddeus appealed to the administration of his school for their support of a toy drive to supplement money earned from the Zombie Prom. His middle school administration graciously agreed to allow him to host a 5th/6th grade toy drive.

Island Profile: Roots in Nashville royalty with a Shelter Island foothold

Carol Galligan, Shelter Island Reporter

Del Bryant, who is in his mid-60s, believes that the story of his life is closely interwoven with the story of his parents, Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, the song writers with “Bye Bye Love,” “All I Have to Do Is Dream” and “Rocky Top” among their credits.

He’s the president of BMI, Broadcast Music, Inc., an organization devoted to protecting the artistic and financial interests of song writers, including those of his parents with their more than 900 songs including many country hits. [read more]