The Heads Up Penny Foundation was created by a compassionate kid; fifteen year-old Thaddeus Bryant. Thaddeus (also known as Tad) has been raising money to help those in need; especially kids, since he was three years old.  

Thaddeus made a dramatic entrance into the world which necessitated years of intensive occupational and physical therapy.  His sweet and accepting nature made him a favorite playmate of children in therapy that had much steeper uphill battles to fight. Through his own hard work and grit - and through working alongside and encouraging other children, he realized that everyone has a challenge at some point in their lives. His hard work strengthening his body created an unparalleled work ethic and desire to help others.Tad loves to find coins on the ground and has always believed that those found heads-up are lucky.   In fact, Tad wrote a song about a “heads-up penny night” which was the inspiration for the name of his foundation.   While on safety patrol around his New York City school with his mom and another 2nd grade mother, his passion for helping others was inspiring.    The other mom, attorney Pam Landman, agreed to open his foundation pro bono.    The Heads Up Penny Foundation was born in New York City in 2012 and incorporated in Tennessee when the Bryants moved to Franklin in 2015.

The mission of The Heads Up Penny Foundation is to change children’s luck, one penny at a time.  Thaddeus’ fundraisers have included summer read-a-thons, bake sales, and Halloween parties.   Through wonderful supporters and a lot of hard work, several hundred children have received food, toys, necessities at Christmas time. He has also created scholarships to summer Camp at the Country Music Hall of Fame.   

Thaddeus’ summer plans for the foundation include joining fellow songwriters at the Hall of Fame song camp and making balloon animals for kids at St Jude’s in Memphis.   


Above: Tad Bryant after his recent choral performance at Carnegie Hall with the Vanderbilt Young Men’s Choir